Now that a busy summer is winding down I thought this would be a good opportunity to review the good and bad of JB Performance. I strongly believe if you want to grow as a person and business you need to take an unbiased look into what your strengths and weaknesses are. Luckily for the 8 readers of my blog, you get an inside look at what we do well, what needs improvement, and where we just flat out suck.

I was told by a smart man you should always end on a positive note so let’s start with the negatives.

We suck at getting little things done. As I’m writing this there’s a kettle bell that has been sitting by our front door for a week now. It needs a new bottom piece. Quite literally all we have to do is take it back to Flaman Fitness and have them look at it. It’s a 5 minute drive. Procrastination with things like this is a weak point in our business right now.

For myself I’m a squirrel. I have self-diagnosed ADHD. If anyone has an extra child harness that they no longer use, please drop it off at the gym. When Josh, Kim (our bookkeeper) and I meet they must want to slam their head through a cement wall. I get up around 10-15 times per meeting to check on things in the gym. Couple that with the fact I can’t finish a thought without going onto a completely different subject and you’ve got yourself a squirrel with ADHD. Headaches for everyone. Good thing we’ve got a bottle of tequila behind our desk.

What do we need to improve on?

Straight up, paperwork sucks. I hate it. So does Josh. I’d rather post a million workout selfies to show everyone how sweet my workouts are. We’re getting better at having new clients fill out forms, but we’ve still got a long way to go. The crossing of the T’s and dotting of the I’s is definitely not a strong suit of ours.

Basically anything else you can think of in regards to business we need to get better. We’ve been flying by the seat of our pants and it’s been quite the adventure. Some days we soar, some days we crash into the ground. That’s the way it goes when you start your own company. If you want to succeed in business outsource your weak points so they can become your strong points. Dustin Ratzlaff and his company unINK have done a phenomenal job with our marketing/website design. Learning about Google analytics, website traffic, and various other forms of marketing has helped us understand how to reach more potential clients. Kim has taught us the boring side of business. Balance sheets, profit and loss, and cash flow statements to me are about as interesting as talking to a Crossfitter about how awesome Crossfit is(n’t). Bring on the hate mail.

Our programming is always changing for the better so that’s why I’m putting it in the “needs improvement” section. We do a great job keeping up with current research and I think we’re way ahead of most in terms of programming and execution but it’s something that could always use improvement.

What are our strong points?

I think we do a great job in making our athletes stronger, faster, more mobile, and more efficient in their movements. This is obviously a biased opinion but I’m just going on the feedback of our athletes. We worked with 9 professional hockey players this year. Most of them for the first time. All of them have said this is the strongest they’ve ever been and the best they’ve felt on the ice. I love hearing that. It gives us reaffirmation we’re doing things right in here. I’m not here to run their bodies into the ground and bury them with haphazard workouts. I’m here to give them the necessary tools (strength, mobility, power, movement efficiency) to excel within their sport. If you want to be a great athlete you have to be strong, but more importantly you have to move well. These guys are constantly talking about how great their hips feel and I love that.

Individualization is another strong suit of ours. It baffles me when trainers don’t have a set plan for their athletes and don’t individualize their program to fit their needs. Picking random workouts on a daily basis will never help anyone. Jamming an athlete into a mold they don’t fit won’t allow them to perform at their highest level. Yes is takes substantially more time to do this. I’ve been exposed to both ways and there’s no comparison to having a plan and individualizing everything for each athlete.

Technique is a big thing with us. Not everything is going to be perfect but you need to limit the damage control to a large degree. We do a great job emphasizing proper execution of all lifts on each and every rep. There’s a big difference between teaching good technique and implementing it into your program. The last thing I want is an NHL General Manager phoning me to ask why his starting goaltender will miss 4-6 months due to an injury sustained in the weight room. Don’t be afraid to implement some common sense into your programming. It’ll help you out.

Our biggest strength is the associations we have with certain people and businesses throughout the city. Greg Slobodzian of KYHU Hockey has taken what we offer to the next level. His on ice skills work compliments what we do in here to a ‘T’. When all the pros we work with say he’s the best skills guy they’ve ever worked with, you know he’s good. Bruce Craven and his staff at Craven Sport Services have done a phenomenal job in keeping our athletes healthy. We’ve learned so much from them in the past 2 years and can’t thank them enough. As I mentioned earlier Dustin and his company unINK have taken our marketing and exposure to a new level. Check them out, he’s a marketing genius. Kim has saved our business. I don’t know where we’d be without her guidance and expertise. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. She’s way more than a bookkeeper for us. I asked her one day why she helps us. Her response, “because you guys are like 2 lost puppies when it comes to business.” That sums us up perfectly. But hey, I’d rather be a lost puppy willing to learn as opposed to an old dog that doesn’t want to learn new tricks.

There you have it. The good and bad of JB Performance. As you can see we’re far from perfect. But being perfect is boring with no headaches and that’s just not our style.