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After training for 4 months with these guys I’ve never been stronger, moved better, or had my hips feel better. I feel confident going into the upcoming season and Josh and Brad played a big part in that. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to take their game to the next level.
— Eric Gryba, Defense, Ottawa Senators, NHL

"Training has always been a huge part of my life. High performance athletes like myself come to appreciate the necessity that is training, and beyond that training hard and effectively. Brad Posehn opened my eyes to a whole new world when it comes my off-season and in-season preparation, as well as the maintenance of my body. Teaching me proper nutrition, training technique and injury prevention, enforcing the ideal of a strong work ethic on and off the ice and everything counts. Brad was instrumental in my Midget AAA team winning a national championship in 2010 and helping me evolve as a hockey player. I was always pushed when I needed to be, but still consider Brad a friend. I look forward to continue working with Brad in the future and implore anyone lucky enough to train with him don’t squander the opportunity; everything counts."

- Daniel Dale, Team Canada Bobsleigh


"After this past summer with Josh and Brad of JB Performance my strength has improved immensely, and my posture and movements are better than they've been in years. I love the individual attention we get in each workout. They understand not everyone can do the exact same program and get results. I look forward to working with them in the future and recommend them to anyone looking for that missing ingredient.

- James Wright, Forward, New York Islanders


"I have been training with Brad and JB Performance for the past 4 years. In that time they've helped me reach my goal of playing professional hockey. I have gotten substantially stronger and faster since training with them and can attribute that to the individual attention they put into my programs. I didn't pay much attention to my hip mobility or lower body power before training with Brad at Notre Dame. We've come a long way since we started and I look forward to working with them in the future. Their facility is top notch and I would recommend the pair to anyone looking to fine tune their body and their off-season preparation.

- Rylan Schwartz, Forward, San Jose Sharks, NHL.


"In mid January of 2013 I received a near career ending injury on my right shoulder playing hockey in the United States for Sacred Heart University. I tore my rotator cuff in two places as well as my Labrum and supraspinatus.  After my surgery in early February I received a second surgery on my left wrist with a torn TFCC cartilage. Due to the drastic injuries and surgeries I was sidelined for the remainder of my senior college career. I returned Saskatoon at the end of May weighing in at 246lbs, thirty six pounds over my playing weight. I had minimal mobility and strength in both my shoulder and wrist. If I worked hard through my rehab and diet it still would be a long shot to play hockey for a professional team. I had met Brad Posehn and Josh Saulnier the previous year through professional hockey players Rylan and Jaden Schwartz and remembered them speaking highly of JB Performance. So July 1st 2013 I started training with Josh and Brad. Their energy and commitment to making every individual better every day was inspiring and motivating. I had never experienced a trainer willing to train me one on one like I experienced with them. They recognize that not every athlete can do the same program. In my case, especially because of my injury history, they took the time to incorporate certain mobility movements between exercises allowing my body to become more flexible while building muscle. Because of my drastic weight gain due to injuries, working out was not enough. They incorporated a meal plan that allowed me (6"2 210) hockey player to not only eat my usual amount of food but to eat healthy food that will help me lose weight as well as help with recovery. 

After working with JB Performance  from July to September my shoulder and wrist strengthened, I have never been in better shape, and I became a solid 210lbs. I was happy to sign a pro contract with the Louisiana ice gators in the southern professional hockey league and am excited to continue my training with JB Performance come end of April. Any advice I would give for future athletes is chose JB Performance, you will be blown away by their dedication, energy, and most important their overall excitement and enjoyment they bring to their job and clients each and every day. 

Mitch Stretch, Defenseman, Louisiana Ice Gators


"I have always been very dedicated to my sports and training although the thought never occurred to me that there was anything else out there or that I could be doing more! Two years ago when I met Brad Posehn, that concept completely changed. He taught me the importance of training hard and safely. He distinguished the meaning between on and off- season, highlighting keys to preparation and maintenance. Brad opened my eyes to targeting muscles and sport specific exercises, which is critical for a multi sport athlete like myself. He pushed me to my physical and mental limits in the gym all while reinforcing the value of the variables outside of it, such as nutrition and injury prevention. In doing so, he showed me that what you do inside the gym needs to reflect seamlessly with what you do outside the gym and the results were amazing! I consider Brad a great trainer, person and friend who has permanently altered what I consider to be "my best" and to whom I contribute a lot of my athletic success. I envy anyone with the opportunity to work with Brad, and if you do, don't let the chance pass you by. You will have your eyes opened and your limits challenged; thanks to him I've learned that there are none."

- Meagan Vestby, Team Canada U20 Women's Rugby, Forward for the University of Manitoba Bisons, CIS